Monday, October 4, 2010

Good news

My scans came back clear. I am still cancer-free! I have decided to take my blog down, as I no longer have the time to commit to it. If you need to copy some of the other blog links on the sidebar, please do so soon.
Thanks for all your support!


Anonymous said...


I am so glad to hear your good news that your scans were clear. I have thought of you often for the past month hoping that all checkups turn out well!


Anonymous said...

awww.... I will SO miss this, but, then, it is hard to do it all!


Linda said...

I really do miss your blogging...sad to see you take it down!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear about your tremendous scan results! That's wonderful! SO BUMMED that you are taking your blog down, not only do I love your writing, but in many ways I credit you for possibly saving my life....Let me explain; I stumbled upon your blog, I have no idea what chain of events led me here, but it was soon after your cancer diagnosis. You explained your symptoms and you expressed that you were encouraged to look further into the symptoms after reading someone else's blog who had been diagnosed with colon cancer. You urged your readers to get checked out if there was ever any concern.....Well, I was having some of the same symptoms. Particualarly the pain and constipation, etc...which, is not particularly comfortable to talk about to my male doctor - but your blog gave me the courage to do so, and I was then referred to another doctor who went on to do a colonoscopy. Through the colonoscopy there were 5 pre-cancerous polyps found...none of which were causing my symptoms, BUT the doctor told me that had I not pushed for a colonoscopy, that by the time I started having routine colonoscopies (at 50 - I'm currently 38) I would have had full-blown cancer. I had no family history, I'm healthy he was a surprised as I to find these polyps. Needless to say, you and I have never met, but I feel so indebted to you. Your words are what encouraged me to pursue it. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! Before you quit doing your blog I just had to tell you that. I've appreciated your words more than I can express! They have been life-changing, quite literally, to me and wanted you to know.
Jess in Nebraska