Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good News and a New Blog Feature

I loved the comments from the last post! If you didn't read them, go back and look. If you're like me, you read Stephanie's story and yelled "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!" (Just kidding, Stephanie). And whoever left the post about the fishstick allergy, please sign your name!

I also want to tell you some good news. I saw Dr. G this week and she said I can get my port out! I am so excited! I have a consult with my surgeon in early Feb to set a date.

Today, I am starting a new feature on my blog. I used to read Oprah magazine and she had a feature called "A few things I think are just great". So I am stealing her idea, but I'll change the name so she won't sue me and take away my banged up car and very small house and the $1.00 I have in my wallet. However, even though I am stealing her idea, trust me when I say, you will not see a $150 umbrella or a $75 tin of popcorn. My umbrellas come from Walgreens and my popcorn comes from the Boy Scouts. So don't expect any classy items on the list.
So here is Edition #1 of "A few things I think are just snazzy".
1) The Ped-Egg My sister-in-law, Jenni, bought me one of these for my birthday. It sloughs off all that yucky stuff on my feet. Just keep it in the shower and use it occasionally. I love it!
2) Bath and Body Moonlight Path body cream This is, without a doubt, my favorite line from B&B. The cream is the best b/c it's so thick. And the smell...mmm.
3) Dove Chocolate Seriously, is there a better melt-in-your-mouth chocolate out there?
4) This is where I get all my recipes...thus, the title I even created an account so I could store my favorites.
5) Greta Garmin (Otherwise known to the rest of the world as Garmin nuvi). My job relies heavily on getting from Point A to Point E every day as efficiently as possible. Greta is so great about finding the quickest route. Greta's most endearing feature is her ability to tell me EXACTLY what time I will arrive and recalculating, depending on how fast I drive. Greta speaks to me from the Australian Outback. I am still trying to understand why she can't pronounce some words that are vital to navigation. For example, she cannot pronounce "recalculating", which is what she does when I don't follow her directions. She also lets me type in directions and save them under a name. So imagine how cute it was last week when I pulled up to the dr office and she said in her best Aussy voice, "Arriving at Dr. G". I love it!
So, feel free to tell me what you think is snazzy and I will periodically update with new items too.


Linda said...

I love your new feature and I must say Moonlight is my favorite scent too - I have it in bubble bath right now. Dove Chocolate. Need I say more? With my poor sense of direction I couldn't live without my Garmin either. Could we possibly be sisters because I also use allrecipes.

Anonymous said...

I'm the one with the fishstick allergy ridden children :) I couldn't get it to take my ID...Amy

Rotorhead said...

Congrats and I hope your port removal is uneventful I'll keep mine in until at least the 1-year point, but it doesn't bother me.
I'm a man so I don't get your new feature - check my blog for my version("Stuff your Man-Purse").

aesparks said...

I am with you girl! I LOVE my Garmin, too-especially the arrival time feature - I LOVE to try to beat it's initial time. Though I must say that it doesn't take stoplights, etc. into account, so beating it can be a challenge sometimes. I am also a huge fan of allrecipes. As for B&B, I'm a Sweet Pea or Cherry Blossom girl. Dove Chocolates. . . mmmm. They're going on the shopping list right now! Amy Sparks

Kelley said...

Have you had a milk chocolate truffle from Harry and David? They are unbelievable. If you haven't, next time you are at the Galleria Mall in St. Louis, pop in and they might have samples. If not, just buy the whole bag because you'll need them anyway.

We also have a steamer like they steam clothes with at the stores. I hate ironing and have no skill. The steamer is always set up in my bedroom, I hang the clothes up on it, turn it on, wave the magic wand over the clothes, and they are ironed. It's a thing of beauty and literally takes 2 minutes.

Kitchen Aid Mixer--can't live without it.

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner--I could go on and on.

TCBY white chocolate mousse.

Chick-Fil-A Waffle Fries.

Just about everything at the Macaroni Grill.

Alaina said...

I use a lot too. You can find just about anything on there!

Anonymous said...

Diet Sunkist- the greatest soda ever made.

Our Wii- didn't know it's potential until we became snow/icebound together.

Tostino's pizza rolls- yum.

Hugs from my kids- theraputic.

Hey just wondering if anything is going on for Superbowl.

God's blessings,

Becky Wichern

Anonymous said...
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