Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I can't remember what I forgot!

Tonight's post is in real time, as in 2008. I'm not reminiscing tonight. Just wanted to update on how the summer is going.
We are having a great summer! I am trying to do special things with the girls. My Webster's Dictionary defines "special" as: a)going to Andy's to eat ice cream every chance we get b)ignoring $4 gas and driving into town to the gas station to get a soda, windows rolled down, music turned up c)impulsively buying a Wii
We have a new housecleaner and she is GREAT!!! Exclamations of joy can be heard in our home every other Tuesday, as in "OMG she organized my shoes!!!", "OMG she made my bed!!!" I don't want to tell her name so I'll just call her "Bea". Thank you Bea for helping me out!
It has been quite a summer for Katie the kitty. We let her outside last week to dine and socialize with our other cats. 10 min later we hear the neighborhood tomcat trying to take away all 9 of her lives. We grabbed her in time, but she sustained a life threatening injury- you know, the kind that only happens on Holiday weekends. Scott nursed her until yesterday, when we declared her so near death, all hope was lost. She was whisked away to Scott's shop and the kids were told she had passed on. I even told someone at work that my kitten died. 3 hours later, Scott calls me and says "um, the kitten is not dead, she's alive and well". He had taken her to the vet to be euthanized and the vet said ah, she's fine, a little antibiotic and she'll be all better. So the question remained- how do you undo a tragic cat story without sounding like an idiot??? Scott has worked so hard to keep that cat alive; He said he is going to start a kitty caring bridge site- he calls it kitty bridge.
I also wanted to mention that my ablation surgery must have really worked- Aunt Flo no longer comes to visit! (If you don't know who Aunt Flo is, please ask a lady friend). There is just one problem. Aunt Flo doesn't come but her baggage shows up at the front door every month like clockwork. The baggage contains all the things Aunt Flo typically brings with her. Just no Flo.
I am still having trouble remembering things. Megan's new phrase is "Mom you're really losing it". She teases me about my memory loss. Today she wanted to know what crazy things I did. I described how I needed something out of the trunk at work so I pulled the lever to open it, got out of the car and freaked out when I saw the trunk open. I thought I had driven through town with it open and then I realized I had just opened it. Then I tried to tell her another memory loss story but I couldn't remember it so I said "I can't remember what I forgot!" It's embarrassing sometimes. At work, I asked someone something and she looked at me and said did you know you already asked me that twice?
I want to leave you with a quote from Emily. She has lately become interested in different types of housing options, especially duplexes. She always mentions duplexes when we pass by them. She has come up with an idea so great, it's worth mentioning in case anyone else wants to try it. She declared "When I grow up, I'm going to live in a duplex. I will live on one side and my husband will live on the other side!"
Keep in touch!


Kasey said...

I LOVE Em's idea. I'll definetly have to try that.

Kelley said...

I laughed out loud at the trunk story. I do things like that and don't have any medical excuses--just trying to think about too much at once. I laughed out loud again at Emily's concept. That girl is wise beyond her years.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad the kitty lived, we had a tom cat hang out for a day , now he is gone,
emmy may be up to something with her idea,
Meg, your momma is not the only one that has lost it.

Anonymous said...

I still check your blog and stories out often. I love your sense of humor! You are such a strong person and overcome so much. I love knowing that someone else acts happy over the small things that mean so much!!!!

Shawna :)

Anonymous said...

Emily saids the darnest things. Its so funny what can come out of the mouth of babes.



aesparks said...

I haven't stopped laughing yet. . . well except for that second when I was reading the part about your memory problems to Garrett and he said "well at least she's had chemo, what's your excuse?":) Take care and keep enjoying those "special" moments with the girls!

Anonymous said...

I have considered the duplex idea myself... I have even dreamed so far as a Melrose Place concept (without sleeping with all the residents) where I could have my own apartment, Pat his own, and maybe even the kids one or two. Friends and family could also have their own apartments! Maybe when I make my first two or three extra million...

Amy H