Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Last week's winner was my sister Linda, who guessed Megan's crime. I loved it Linda! Now let's solve another mystery. Check out the pic on the right.
I am loving this week's did NOT's. So far, Katie C is the winner! Katie and I work in the same type of setting and we often trade work stories. Katie, that one was priceless! Speaking of PRICEless, I also loved the story of KP getting lost. You guys rock!


Kelley said...

Someone delivered a truckload of pigs to the house.

Anonymous said...

You ran out of ranch dressing!


P.S. I can't believe I guessed it! I had been trying to think of something for days and it just hit me what would be funny.

I also added a comment to the last blog.

Anonymous said...

What no ketchup!

Anonymous said...

Peter's Productions has investments in GM and Ford stocks.

Anonymous said...

Scott finally told Megan where bacon comes from!

Well, we made it through Sarah's birthday. Took six girls out for dinner and a movie- "Beverly Hills Chuajua... however you spell that dog's name" We were a pretty lively bunch. I'm suprised we weren't asked to leave at any point during the night! Have a super week.

Becky W.

Anonymous said...

A long day on a horse? - Amy H