Monday, September 29, 2008


Dear Emily,
Happy 6th Birthday! You have grown so much this year and I am so proud of how well you are doing in kindergarten. You tell me every day how much you love school. Every morning when I drop you off and watch you skip across the crosswalk, I am so thankful for this little "hurricane" God blessed us with. That's what we used to call you, our little "hurricane". Your pediatrician said you "entered the world in dramatic fashion". I will never forget the morning you were born, it was the scariest moment of my entire life and I know that I will never be that scared again as long as I live. Your daddy says the same thing. Some day when you are old enough to understand, I will tell you just how close we came to losing you. How I was able to read the expression on every nurse's face, I will never forget the fear in their eyes when they saw what was happening to me. How I asked the nurse if this was normal and she said in a quiet voice "No, this is not normal". I will never forget the look on the nurse's face when she tried to find your heartbeat and it took a little bit to find it, but that little bit seemed like an eternity. How there was no time for phone calls, prayers, epidurals. How fast they raced me down the hall and I kept crying and saying how scared I was. How when I woke from surgery, I could barely talk and I managed to croak out your name "Ehhhhmaaaaly?" with a question at the end. How I can remember your daddy saying "She's ok, she's really ok, they are just keeping her in the nursery for awhile". How the first time I held you I could not believe it was possible for a newborn to have that much hair and how I could have given birth to this beautiful baby that looked like an Indian. How you threw up on me and I had no idea it would be the first of about 5000 times you would do so in the first year of your life. How I managed to hold my tears back until later when I was given a lunch tray and the buttery roll tasted so good and the tears began to flow and I could not stop crying with a mouth full of bread b/c I had been so scared of losing you. How I cannot stop crying now b/c I cannot imagine how empty my life would be without this hurricane that blew into my life.
God Bless You Emily. You are very loved.


Sandy M said...

Happy Birthday to Emily. What a beautiful posting Michele. I just love to read your blog, it always makes me laugh and sometimes cry, but always they touch my heart. You guys have a great day and enjoy this beautiful fall day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Emily!!! If there is yet a toy pig out there that you don't already own, I hope it will be yours!

Michele, you have such a gift of words. Maybe someday you should write a book, or at least an article in a magazine. See you around.
Becky W.

Kasey said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMIE POO!!! I am also amazed by how far she's come even in this last year since I've known her. I can't even imagine what my life without your little Hurricane would've been. I LOVE YOU EMMIE!!

Anonymous said...

thats a very good word to describe miss emmy, your blog on this was great., all of us need a little hurricane in our lives to keep us straight.
love ya

aesparks said...

Happy Birthday Hurricane Emily! I remember how scary that day was for your mommy-but only after the fact! I also remember many stories of those throwing up episodes! You've come a long way baby-many thanks to your wonderful mommy and others who love you dearly. Michele, your message today was perfect. Isn't it amazing that no matter how many ups and downs we have, these little kiddos are still an amazing gift-so special that we would sacrifice everything we have for them. So precious, we can't imagine our lives without them. If Emily was old enough to get the magnitude of this I am sure she would tell you "thank you" for giving me my birthday and loving me so much! You are an awesome mom! Have a great day! Amy :)

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

Happy Birthday!!! Oh to be 6 again and in school!!! I hope she has a great day! Also, I am very interested in your story on the brith of Emily....maybe that would be a good blog post for those of us who don't know??

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Emily!!!!

Aunt Linda

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Emily.... Wow... six years old. I loved looking at your pics...Wow... U R getting sooooo big. I saw Donna today and she said you guys were coming for the fundraiser. Yay!!!!!!! I did not get so far behind on your blog that I did not have to read the last four entries because I did not run around too much last week! On the customer service issue..I think that is an oxymoron most of the time. I love it when people go out of their way NOT to help me and typically do NOT help me with a big smile on their face!!!! See You Soon.

Kim and Carley

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Anonymous said...

Michele, what a beautiful posting. Donna

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Emily. I love you too. Amy H