Thursday, September 4, 2008

So tired

Went to see my oncologist today. Platelets are still low. Dr. G thinks I may just have ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenia). This means low platelets for unknown reasons. She wants to keep watching it. She wants me to go back and see neuro b/c I'm still having trouble with my memory. The anxiety is gone but I still have confusion. I told her it's like this- My anxiety is gone so when I wrecked my car I didn't cry, I just laughed. I am also extremely tired lately, so that's why this post is going to be short, I am so tired I just want to sleep. I have so many things I wanted to talk about but I just don't have it in me tonight. So I will try to post again this weekend.
Love you all,

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Anonymous said...

I hope your week brings you more energy and happier days. We will be working the 4-H food stand Thursday night at the fair. We'll get to serve all those Elvis fans that night(I think). I hope you have the energy to go one night at least. Sarah is showing calves this year. For her it means she gets to miss school for a day-- woo hoo!

God's blessings,

Becky W.