Friday, February 29, 2008

Tantrums, tattoos, and ice cream

What a day I've had. I woke up this morning very cranky and irritable and it has continued all day, Scott has been surprised at how agitated I've been. He even suggested I take a pill (I declined). He said he is worried I am "wigging out".
Ok, had to pause there and have a little tantrum b/c the girls are acting all crazy. I might have to start rating my tantrums, this one was a 7! Maybe I should rethink taking the meds...
I wanted to post some info about some fellow cancer fighters. Shawndra Turner is having major surgery next Thursday to try and get rid of some of her cancer, it is a big surgery. Her friends and family are having a prayer vigil Monday night at 6:30. Although we can't be there (she lives in KC), I plan to pray at that time.
Kevin (vman) got good news today, his tumors are shrinking. Yay! Even though we've never met, he is a dear friend. We plan to stop and see him on our way to Duck. I can't wait to meet him and his wife!
I have decided on the tattoo. I am getting the blue colon star/ribbon on my foot. I had a hard time deciding on location. At first I thought Why would I get a colon tattoo on my foot but then I remembered how I said I wish the cancer had been in my toe (remember that blog?), so I guess the foot has a little meaning after all. Kasey is going to go and hold my hand and then I'll hold her hand b/c she is getting a tattoo also! I need to ask Dr. Lilly if it's ok, but I am so embarrassed to ask such a silly question. Maybe I'll tell him I'm getting a lilly tattoo in honor of him...of course, then I would need to add the hammer...
One more thing, I ate ice cream this week for the first time in 8 months! (Kevin, if you spill the beans about what else I had this week, you're in trouble!) It didn't hurt my throat, just stung my tongue a little.
Ok, have a great weekend. I have no plans, which are the best kind of plans to have sometimes!


vman1300 said...

Your secret is safe with me, lol. I just could not tell something so...OK I am stopping now.

Cant wait to see the tattoo, I am still wondering on a place to put mine.

We both cant wait to see you guys in a few months!



Anonymous said...

Congrats on eating the ice cream! That is a huge deal! I am so excited for you to get your tattoo. I wish you would do it next weekend so I could be there! Mom and I are so excited about visiting you.

Kasey said...

I really can't wait for the tattoo. I'm really excited. Glad you could finally have ice cream, you totally deserve an indulgence. What better time to get to eat it than this weekend? At least you can send everyone outside this weekend to put an end to tantrums. LOL Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Eat up, sister! - Amy H