Friday, September 14, 2007

Name That Port

The surgery went well today. Other than having to wait FOREVER, it was easy. I went to sleep telling stories and woke up cracking jokes. I have no pain right now, just a little arm soreness. I asked if it were possible to place the port on my right side. I drive so much at work, I was afraid the seatbelt would be a killer. They usually do them on the nondominant side but they agreed maybe the right would be better, so that's what they did. I was naive enough to think I could hide the surgery from Emily. Didn't work. When she got home from school, I showed her the bandage, explained that I went to the doctor and now I have a booboo. She leans in close to me, wrinkles her little nose and says YOU SMELL LIKE THE HOSPITAL!!! MOMMY, YOU WENT TO THE HOSPITAL, DIDN'T YOU!!! That's a sensory kid for ya', she doesn't miss a thing! So again I thought I could brush it off with "The hospital? Are you sure?", so she says very seriously "Mommy, SMELL YOURSELF."
Ok, I plan on naming all of these devices I will be hooked up to. So right now I'm trying to generate a name for the port. Maybe a famous port? Any suggestions?
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Thanks for the prayers, I really am pain-free!


John said...

If you're a trekker, try out "Star Base 12" or "Deep Space 9" for the port. ;)

(scotaku from the cc boards!)

Anonymous said...

As I come up on my 4 year anniversary since being diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer I wanted you to know that you can contact me with any questions about what you will be going through over the next few months. I was a model along with my sister on the 2007 colander for the month of August I was so grateful to all of those that were models as well as Molly and Hannah whom I consider my friends. Though this disease is one hell of a ride I have met some wonderful people. Please feel free to contact me anytime. Your colon sister with the same name first name and spelling Michele Sedor

suzy allee said...

Michele, I am glad you have gotten the "port thing" done and that it wasn't terribly painful. It seems like you can't get anything over on Emily. Keep up your good spirits and I know you will beat this thing. I am supposed to get my stitches out Monday evening. I want them out so I can do some simple things again -- like smiling, eating, etc. Adam gave his girl friend an engagement ring last week for her birthday. He is going to Linn Tech now and Kyle is at Mizzou. They grew up so fast! Seth, Curtis, Christopher, and Randy are all busy playing football now. They love it. Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys. Suzy

Anonymous said...

I am so glad your surgery went well. My 16 yr old and I came up with several suggestions for your port....."port of no return" "inspiration port" "PORT of Servitude" "Natalie PORTman" "PORT chop" and last but not least "Porty Spice"'s late and we are a little tired.
don't be a spoiled port......

Kim Tisdale

Mary Essner said...

Well -- To join in on a suggestion for a name for The Port, I think "Port Cape" is pretty good and it kind of goes with the pulled pork cravings! =) On a more serious note, glad to hear your surgery for the port placement went well. I will continue to pray!
Mary Essner (Jack's mom)